The Team

All our divers are HSE Scuba qualified and are experienced media divers. All diving projects comply to HSE media diving codes of practice and Diving at Work Regulations 1997.

Our HSE dive teams can reproduce Police, Military, Salvage , Archeological and Historic dives both in and out of water.

Water Safety Personnel can be supplied as cover for Media work in or alongside benign water conditions such as Canals, Lakes , Reservoirs, Flooded Quarries etc. All areas of employment in water safety environments are assessed by a full qualified Heath & Safety Assessor.

Water safety cover can be provided in Open Water and Inshore Sea environments with full Maritime and Coastguard Agency coded inflatable boats.

Police Advisors can be provided both for pre production and location work. Merman Diving and Marine Services have access to two retired Police Officers, each with over 25 years experience in a variety of Policing departments with specialist areas of expertise and knowledge.