Water Craft

Dory 3 mtr
Seapro 4.3 mtr inflatable
Seapro 4.7 mt Camera Boat Inflatable

Rescue Raft

Boats in Action

The Village
Remember Me

Period Clinker built rowing boat, 12ft long .

Inflatable Craft

SEAPRO range of inflatable boats , we have a 4.7 mtr  Seapro  Camera boat with a solid aluminium floor,

a scaff rig running down the centre capable of rigging ,Moy plates and a swing out boom arm.

A 4.3 mtr Seapro Safety Boat with a solid aluminium floor.

We can switch engines to suit every situation from fast chases to silent tracking using a selection of Petrol Outboard engines and Electric outboards.

Other water craft include a 3.5 mtr Glassfibre dory and a 3.5 mtr Inflatable (solid floor)

Some of the tv/ film productions using our Camera and Safety Boats
Scott and Bailey
Dads Army
Remember Me
The Village
DCI Banks

2021… The Rising,

Inside No9,

Peaky Blinders,



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