Water Craft

Dory 3 mtr
Seapro 4.3 mtr inflatable
Seapro 4.7 mt Camera Boat Inflatable

Rescue Raft

Boats in Action

The Village
Remember Me

Our new boats bought late 2015 are from the SEAPRO range of inflatable boats , we have a 4.7 mtr  Seapro  Camera boat with a solid aluminium floor,

a scaff rig running down the centre capable of rigging ,Moy plates and a swing out boom arm.

A 4.3 mtr Seapro Safety Boat with a solid aluminium floor.

We can switch engines to suit every situation from fast chases to silent tracking using a selection of Petrol Outboard engines and Electric outboards.

Other water craft include a 3.5 mtr Glassfibre dory and a 3.5 mtr Inflatable (solid floor)

Some of the tv/ film productions using our Camera and Safety Boats
Scott and Bailey
Dads Army
Remember Me
The Village
DCI Banks

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